The AGA designed the concept of the citizen centric report in order to "foster innovation means of communication between governments and their citizenry." The report is 4 pages in length and is intended to be visually-pleasing and easy to read/understand. The content of the citizen centric report is as follows:
Page 1: Strategic objectives
Page 2: How are we doing - a performance report on key mission and service
Page 3: What are the costs for serving the citizens and how were those costs paid for?
Page 4: Challenges moving forward- what's next? future issues?
We encourage governments to prepare a citizen centric report (this can be done for the government as a whole, or for an individual department of a larger government). Click here to be redirected to AGA National's website with specific content guidelines, report templates, examples of completed reports from other governments, and information on participating in the certification of excellence program.
Congratulations to the governments in our chapter's geographical region that have successfully completed a citizen centric report:
The West Michigan Chapter has completed its first citizen centric report for the year ended June 30, 2012. We were awarded a Certificate of Recognition from National!!
If your government has completed a citizen centric report, we would love to see it! E-mail to have your report posted to our website.